How To Get Instant Computer Support With Easy

-September 2010+
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Posted by Stone Ning Thursday, September 30, 2010 1:59:00 PM Categories: Efficiency Internet Security Tips
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Most of time, people get stuck while working with their computers just because of a minors problem. At this moment, the computer is still working and able to access Internet. So, a technician is able to help online.

As usual, it is difficult to describe a computer problem accurately on telephone. The best way is to authorize a technician to remotely access your computer, demonstrate the problem, and then let the technician fix the problem for you. What you see is what you get! At the same time, you are able to learn from the technician, and solve the same problem by yourself next time.

During this procedure, the important thing is contact a trusted technician, and establish a secured connection between two computers via Internet. Here is the sample from BitWay:

  1. Call (416) 477-9825 to contact a technician
  2. Access
  3. Click the ‘Online Support’ image button (see below) and run a client-side tool
    Online Support Image Button
  4. Get the session ID from the technician
  5. Set your password and tell the technician your password (Telephone Authorization)
  6. Click ‘Connect’ button.

For security, the software downloaded from BitWay is safe. Anybody can verify it online through a third party with no cost at any time. Moreover, the connection is encrypted with SSL and directly between two computers, and none of a third party, except the Internet Service Providers who provide the Internet connection, is involved. The ID and password are required and can be different at each time to establish a connection. Either side is able to close the connection at any time. Your computer is still under your control during the whole procedure.

This method is also called remote support and already used by help desk in an internal network for a long time. But now this service is available over Internet. At the time you need instant help, don’t forget to call and try!

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