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Starter Plan

- Good for everybody!

Do It Yourself by downloading client application, installing the software, designing backup plans and implementing backup plans.

Only CAD$24 / Year with 2GB online space

(According to data from AT&T, 2 GB is the equivalent of 10,000 emails without attachments, 1,500 emails with attachments, 4,000 Web pages, posting 500 photos to social media sites, and 200 minutes of streaming video combined.)

This is a starter plan with minimal cost that get all the benefits from BitWay online backup service. The account is upgradable for more space with better price upon request. To estimate the actual space you need, please download and run BitWay VScanner.

Password reset service is included.

Free accounts are available for try.

CAD$24 / Year / 2GB


Read User Guide!

Basic Plan

- Recommended for small business!

This plan is recommended for most of users who backup big files. This plan is also upgradable for more space with better price upon request.

Password reset service and all other benefits are included.

Only CAD$28 / Month with 28GB online space +
2GB online space for free.
30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

CAD$28 / Month / 30GB
( Free for the 1st month )


Read User Guide!

Backup Plan Online Design & Implement

Professional service to unleash the power of BitWay online backup features for end users.

Only CAD$20 / PC(non-server) / Time over Internet

CAD$20 / PC / Time

Add to Cart

Add to Cart

Monitoring Service

Constantly monitor the completion of online backup to ensure the seccess of file recovery in emergency. It is good for companies with many computers and is able to save their time.

Charge per computer per month


Customized service packages matching your needs are available upon request. You are welcome to contact us for a free assessment without obligation.

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